Summary of 2015 Internet School Recruitment-Along the way

Summary of 2015 Internet School Recruitment-Along the way

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Write in front

    After finishing my internship at Baidu, it s time to write a summary of the school recruitment. I have been in the open source community for a long time, and I feel more and more positive energy from other people s study, job hunting, and work experience. In line with the principle of earning RP, I pass it on to the younger students, especially those from non-prestigious schools. Point positive energy, because bloggers are from non-prestigious schools, and during the entire job search process, they can clearly feel the unique advantages of prestigious school students. With the same strength, it is indeed much easier for prestigious school students to enter first-line Internet companies such as BAT. Even if the technology is very watery, there are companies such as Huawei guaranteeing the bottom, and non-prestigious schools may not even be able to pass the resume screening. The blogger said this, not to discourage students from non-prestigious schools, but, these are indeed facts. Since you cannot change your background, you can only change the controllable factors, improve your technical strength, relax your mentality, and be more concerned about the results. Be lighthearted, don't complain about your origins, along the way, you will find: the harder you work, the luckier you are!


offer situation

    Because there are too few opportunities in Shenzhen, I always wanted to go to Guangzhou before recruiting, but I couldn t go away because of the internship, and considering the lab s cheating attendance regulations, I could only stay in Shenzhen, so I had to hurry up for the internship. The project, while looking for a job, I have to go back to the laboratory to check attendance at noon every day. It is really exhausting, and I have to be hit by certain companies from time to time. Think about it, the eggs are all broken!

    Due to the internship and the desire to stay in Shenzhen, there are few Internet companies to choose from, so I mainly participated in the school recruitment interviews of several companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, ZTE, and DJI, except for Alibaba. Happily hung up, and the other four companies all got offers. In addition, I accidentally received a written examination notice from NetEase Games. It is said that I have brushed a lot of people in the resume level. I am a little overjoyed. However, because of conflicts with Tencent's written examination and the position being transferred to the project management direction, it is not suitable for my future career. The positioning of development was abandoned. After I got the offer from Tencent, I didn't take the written test of the following company again, mainly because of the problem of the working place, and I felt that there was no need to make so many offers to avoid losing character. In general, I am satisfied with this result, and the hard work of more than a year has finally paid off.


The road to self-study

    Undergraduate study in a second college in Guangdong, majoring in electronic information science and technology, undergraduate four years, most of the time is spent on scholarships, student work and participating in various boring cultural activities, in addition to being able to Use C and Hui to write a few simple programs to control the microcontroller to do some silly work. I didn t learn anything else. I graduated with a bachelor s degree. I have never heard of a server. I don t even know what the data structure is. 3.years are precious. Time was wasted like this. After the postgraduate entrance examination, I still did not have a clear position for myself, so I still applied for the communication major, but I have to say that the experience of this postgraduate entrance examination had a great impact on my later postgraduate career. It made me I strengthened a very important belief: some goals seem to be far away, but as long as you put in enough effort, all of these are always possible.

    During the summer vacation before graduate school, I was vaguely aware of the need to improve my programming skills, but I didn t know where to learn, so I checked it on the Internet and borrowed a copy of "c primer plus" from the library to start chewing. I typed all of the exercises, and then after school started, I read "C and Pointer" and "C Expert Programming" (I didn't finish reading this), and finally I stumbled on the way.

    Although the results of the postgraduate entrance examination are very high, the master's degree is still enrolled in a second college in Guangdong, but this time the name of the school has been upgraded from college to university. After I came, I became more and more disappointed with the academic atmosphere here, and finally realized that doing so-called "scientific research" here would undoubtedly destroy my future, but I had no choice but to save myself. At that time, there happened to be a senior who signed to Baidu Maps and talked to him. Next, the touch was quite big, and this chat also completely strengthened my determination not to be a "good student". But I still don t have a clue as to what to learn and which direction to go in. So I continued to learn C++ in a vague way. First I read the textbook by Tan Haoqiang (no way, no C++ foundation, I can only start from the beginning), and then look at I read "c++ primer" and borrowed a copy of "Bird Brother's Linux Private Kitchen". I read half of it and installed an ubuntu system to play with. The time for self-study was obtained by skipping classes. Think about it if you were undergraduate at that time. If you do it like this, you won't be so cooking now!

    In a blink of an eye, the first semester of the first semester is almost over. I want to determine the direction of a future job. It s not a way to fiddle around aimlessly. After checking on the Internet for several days, I finally decided to engage in the mobile terminal. The reason is simple: the demand is large, there are many job opportunities, and many Internet entrepreneurial projects are concentrated on the mobile terminal. In the next few years, it should still be the mainstream, and you can t afford a Mac. And Iphone, that can only do Android. Next, there are all kinds of self-study. 1. it took a month to get started with Java. Later, while learning to do Android, I also applied for an Android project for the School Challenge Cup with my classmates. After three years of great time, fortunately, now I realize that it is not too late.

    Since the second semester of the second graduating school is required to enter the laboratory, so when the second semester of the first semester just started, I was thinking about going out and looking for an internship in Android development. When I was interviewing Meizu, the interviewer asked me what Json was. I said I didn t know. The result was despised and I was not as good as an undergraduate. I was depressed for two days after returning. Later, I went to STMicroelectronics for an internship and used PHP to help them do the secondary development of the ERP system. To put it bluntly, it is a janitor, and I do a janitor alone. No one asks if I don t know it, I feel I haven t learned it. What's the matter, but during the internship, I was still learning Android and perfected the previous projects. At the same time, I further consolidated the Java foundation, learned data structures and algorithms, and took the time to read the newly published "Big Data Era". In the summer vacation, I tried to start a business, but I ended up after earning a small amount of money. The main reason is that the heat is not enough, and there is no real like-minded person. Thinking about it now, I was a little impetuous at the time, so I should go to the first-line Internet company to settle down. A few years are more reliable.

    The first year of the study was so muddled. The real qualitative leap in technology was the year of the second year. Due to the mentor s shepherd management, this year had a lot of free time, so I was doing projects while reading books. From the Java language, Going to virtual machines, then to network protocols and algorithms, I have read many classic computer books, and I have also learned some knowledge about big data processing, and I have benefited a lot. But the learning process is still very tortuous. The main reason is that the laboratory has various cheating regulations, and the learning atmosphere is not generally bad. Of course, these are all in the past, and I don t want to complain too much. In short, I can stay in the laboratory. I tried to go to other places as much as possible. In this way, in order to study quietly and efficiently, I fought guerrilla warfare for a year. Fortunately, in October, I saw Jiangnan Misty's school recruitment experience on CSDN, so I decided to insist on writing a technical blog. Facts have proved that this is indeed a profitable but harmless thing. In the community, I have met many like-minded friends and technically-improving seniors. I have learned a lot from these people I have never met before, and I feel full of positive energy.

    Another thing that helped me a lot in finding a job was that I got an internship offer from Baidu s LBS R&D department in late August. Considering that I wanted to stay in Shenzhen after graduation, I decided to go for an internship. Fortunately, I didn t do any work this time. The next day, I participated in the project development of the actual product. In just two months, I learned a lot.

    The next step is the school recruitment. Although the peak period of school recruitment is less than two months, what really matters is the hard work you put in for the first two years, or even three to five years before the school recruitment. Bloggers have seen a lot of silent contributions in the community, and the people who broke out during the recruitment at the school, of course, there will be some people who have been leisurely for three years, and they have also got good offers, but people can be lucky for a while, and they will never be lucky, so they are down to earth. In order to make a difference.


School Recruitment Account

    The following will roughly record the experience of this school recruitment according to the order of the interview, but will not involve specific interview questions. This will definitely be different according to each person's resume and direction.



    There is only one sentence to describe Ali to me: Ali abuses me thousands of times, and I treat Ali as first love.

    The first time I met Ali was an intern referral in March. At that time, a referral group from Taobao's technical department was added. The level was too scumbag and super nervous. In addition, he was inexplicably assigned a C/C++ interviewer. Let s talk. It took less than twenty minutes to hang up smoothly, but I didn't care too much, because at that time I always felt that BAT was a very remote thing for me.

    The second time I met Ali was the school recruitment at the end of July, which was approved and internalized in advance. This time, the brother I was looking for internalized. The brother was in the international department of Alibaba, but I was pushed to the wireless business department. In fact, it is to put your resume on the intranet for some internal departments to choose. If there is a department to choose, people from this department will interview. If you pass, you will enter this department. If there is no department to choose, Then there is no interview opportunity). The next day after the postponement, I received a telephone interview. It came up with a variety of Android source code analysis, Android performance tuning, and Java advanced concurrency knowledge. I barely supported it, but the interviewer died. Don t let go, when talking about performance tuning, I must have some numerical indicators derived from performance analysis before and after tuning as support. Talking about the advanced concurrency features of Java, I must be useful in actual projects. I said that I have never done a server-side concurrent project, and I only wrote some demos. I guess the interview is speechless to me. I asked, that means you have just read a book or just learned this knowledge, right? I can say so. Then, the interview ended in a tangled way. I thought it was hanging up, but I went through the state and passed it. A week later, both sides asked me to go to Ali s office in Shenzhen to video interview with the technical officer in Hangzhou. As soon as I came up, I felt that the interviewer was very murderous. I thought that the next battle would be a fierce battle. As expected, the interviewer. I didn t even read my resume. I came up to introduce myself. Then I asked about the project, various details, and the function extension of the project. Finally, it extended to the server-side architecture design. The expected result, hung up! After I came back, I was depressed for a whole week, and then I chatted with a buddy from Peking University and reminded me that I was a client, why I asked so many server-side things later, it was wrong, and then, before the official school recruited Ali, Rowandjj gave me I posted a link to a speech on the evolution of Taobao's technical architecture on mobile phones . When I opened it, the speaker was the interviewer (name: Wufeng) who hung me on the other side. After reading his introduction, I suddenly felt the mountain. , I can only say that I am convinced.

    The third time I met Ali was an official school recruitment. Because the internal push was hung up, I could only start from the beginning. The online written test passed successfully. The interview appointment was made until noon on September 17, and I was doing an internship at Baidu at the time, but it happened that the project had already been tested and it was not alive. So many, so I took three days off from the leader to prepare for Ali's interview. Unexpectedly, after I went to Guangzhou, I met a strange interviewer. To be precise, it was an interviewer from UC. He came up and asked me to talk about the project, and he was always complimenting me when I was speaking. After I finished speaking, I asked him if he had any questions. I asked, he said no, he did a good job. After the end, he shook hands with me. After I came out, I felt confident. When I was proud, the campus ambassador came over and told me that my interview is over. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that something was wrong, so I looked for an opportunity to ask the interviewer the reason, but it was okay not to ask. After asking, my three views were completely subverted. The interviewer said that my project was too deep and I was at work. It will delay the progress of the project. I also said that big cows don t write blogs, so I don t always write blogs, read blogs and so on. I need to spend more time reading books. Books are the essence. I suddenly felt that thousands of grass-rooted horses have stepped on it. Well, I can only admit it. Later, I concluded that I was still nervous during the interview, and the project was a bit confusing. It is estimated that this is the real reason for the removal. Because I was really unwilling, I kept looking for opportunities to dominate the face. Later, I worked hard with the HR responsible for the school recruitment, and finally agreed to show my resume to other interviewers, but I was told that I could only dominate the face to develop tests. Although I have always been repelling development and testing, I can't take care of so much at this time. Thank goodness for others to give me the opportunity. The interview later went smoothly. The questions were mostly biased towards the JVM. From one side to the HR side, I felt very good, and the second interviewer kept introducing me to their UC department and asked me if I want to go to UC. After the interview, , I started to have dreams again, but after the HR side, there is no news. I don t know if it is because I always emphasized that I wanted to be a mobile terminal and wanted to go to the wireless business department, or because I was domineering afterwards. In short, there is no news so far, it is estimated that it is not even the spare tire, and it is directly despised.

    For the last chance to enter Ali, I made a lot of preparations. Before the interview, I always felt very hopeful, but I was disappointed again. After being hit by Ali, I began to doubt my abilities. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that finding a good job was not easy. After two days of depression, I simply stopped preparing for the next interview (actually, there was no time to prepare because of the project. Hurry up too fast), let my mind and body, let everything happen, and finally go to a small company in the big deal. On the contrary, this kind of mentality allowed me to successfully pass the interview of the following company.


DJI Innovation (get the offer)

    Participating in the interview with DJI Innovations was purely accidental. There was no Shenzhen station on their school recruitment schedule. It was HR who saw my resume on the intratweet website and asked me to interview with their company. At that time, I wanted to spend more time preparing. Ali s interview was an excuse that the project was too rushed and there was no time to go. I didn t think about it. After I met Ali, HR sent me a text message asking me to go to the interview. Maybe this was fate. Since I did not apply for the job on the school recruitment line, there is no written test, only one round of interview. The CTO will face directly, and there are four algorithmic questions. I haven t seen Dao at all. I feel a bit super long. The four questions are the best. The interviewer is very satisfied. Later, I continued to ask about the project, and asked about the Android screen adaptation, URL deduplication, and MD5. Wait, the basic answer is not bad. After the interview, I asked HR to send me an offer from the school. I also asked my salary expectation. I said that it should not be less than 10k. Later, the offer was posted, and the treatment was much higher than my expectation, not worse than BAT, and the company is developing rapidly, which is also a good choice, but after all, it is not an Internet company, so I still use it as a guarantee.


ZTE (get the offer)

    For the first time this year, ZTE recruited people on a large scale in our school. This is before, and it is estimated that even the resume screening will not pass. Relatively speaking, ZTE s offer is the easiest one. It will be presented in the afternoon on the 23rd and written test in the evening. It feels that the topics are not distinguishable. Everyone who will be able to do it will basically know how to do it. I received more than one text message at one o'clock in the morning. After I went to the ZTE headquarters, which is next to the school, I first talked to the Jiagui who was in charge of school recruitment. He thought I was good and recommended me to participate in the Blue Sword Project (this is actually In other words, the blogger is still far from the Blue Sword plan) and arranged my interview in front. I really felt flattered at the time. I had a two-to-one interview. I didn t ask too deep technical questions. The interviewer was very interested in my internship at Baidu. They asked a lot, but they were not technical. I passed the interview smoothly. I also received it at one o clock in the morning. The two sides of the text message, the two sides are still in the same room, but the interviewer has changed, and the same two-to-one interview, this time I did not ask technical questions at all, various comprehensive questions, about 20 minutes, the interview was over, it was one o'clock in the morning. Too many, I received the offer text message, and I had to take three parties to sign the contract the next day, the job location, and the position I chose, but I rejected it directly.

    Speaking of ZTE, I have to mention Huawei. Huawei s school recruitment in the Shenzhen area started on the 12th. I have been hearing about all kinds of interviews with Huawei. I wanted to use Huawei as a guarantee. I didn t expect to directly despise my school. Shenzhen area As long as the four schools of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are unable to complain.


Baidu (get the offer)

    The first time I participated in Baidu s interview was when I was in the second year of research. At that time, I was making soy sauce behind my seniors and taking part in Baidu s school recruitment written test. I accidentally passed it, but the algorithm foundation was too weak, and I was brushed.

    The second time I participated in Baidu s interview was the time I got the internship offer in late August. I made an online investment in the internal push, directly at the workplace. On the one hand, I talked about the project first, and focused on the asynchronous loading and caching of pictures involved in the project. Strategy, thread pool, ListView performance optimization, paging loading, etc., and talked about the Android message queue model, deep into the source code level, and then asked some basic knowledge of operating systems, sorting algorithms, design patterns, and virtual machines and languages. The answer came up. Directly after one side, the second side interviewer is obviously a lot older. When they came up, they asked about the project, how to implement all kinds of things. Because they did it, they basically answered them. Later, they also talked about some open source frameworks. The basic points are So far, the second interviewer was also the teacher who took me after I joined the job and gave me a lot of guidance in the work. After the two sides, directly three sides, three sides are more relaxed. I talked about some of the learning and internships, and it was over. The three sides interviewer was my later leader. At that time, I just came to Shenzhen from Beijing on a business trip. The evening after the interview, I received a call from 010 to discuss the details of the offer. Although it was only an internship offer, I was still very excited. Because I was just hit by Ali at that time, this offer gave me a little confidence, at least it proved There is still something worthy of recognition in himself.

    The third time I participated in Baidu's interview was a formal school recruitment. Since the school recruitment started, I had just practiced for a month, and our mobile terminal was not particularly short of people, the leader asked me to participate in Baidu's school recruitment first. I took the written test at Harbin Institute of Technology on September 20th. I felt that I did a good job. On the morning of the 24th, one side was full of algorithms. Many of them were topics on "Sword to Offer" and "The Beauty of Programming". Of course, there were also I've seen them, for example, when the interviewer used Baidu Maps to ask questions, they basically answered them. At 1 o clock in the afternoon, I talked directly about the project. Then I asked a lot of knowledge about Android and Java. Basically, I went deep into the Framework layer and JDK level. Some of them failed to answer so deeply. Finally, let us design a similar For the client architecture of WeChat, there was no idea at all at first. Later, under the guidance of the interviewer, it gradually became clear. The focus must be to consider the layering and decoupling strategy of the code. This is also really felt during the internship. of. Around 5:00 pm, the three sides are still technical, but it is relatively easy. I talked about Baidu's internship project, the biggest challenge encountered in the project, how to solve it, etc., and then wrote a string copy of c Function, we must consider the abnormal situation, followed by various talks about career planning and life ideals.

    I thought that Baidu s offer would go smoothly, but I didn t expect it to be the most entangled one. The main reason is that Baidu was a bit too bad this year. Shenzhen Mobile Software R&D post did not have a place this year (the HR responsible for recruiting in Shenzhen later told me), but the official website stated 10 places, so even if it passed on three sides (of course, I will also recruit people on three sides). In the offer pool, there will still be no managers to choose. In the end, there are only two results: transfer to Beijing and no offer. After the National Day, I received an email from Beijing, but I really didn t want to go to the imperial capital. Fortunately, the leader promised to transfer me a place from other groups in Beijing. This is where I got an offer from Baidu Shenzhen.

    I think that if you can get a Baidu offer, an internship should be very helpful, because the two posts of Shenzhen Mobile Software R&D and Software R&D are particularly serious, so the opportunity is really important.


Tencent (get the offer)

    Because I want to stay in Shenzhen and I want to learn to make products, Tencent is undoubtedly the best choice. Tencent s school recruitment in Shenzhen started very late. Written exam on the 27th, on the side of the Tencent Building on the morning of October 9th, I first asked about various basic knowledge, from operating systems, to computer networks, to data structures and algorithms, Android Basics, Java basics, JVM, performance optimization. . . It was broad but not deep, and I answered it all. When answering in many places, I explained the reasons in depth, and talked about the project later. I talked to several companies, but I didn t talk about it. I didn t want to say anything. Finally, I wrote an algorithm. Title, the original title of "Sword Finger Offer". On the second side of the morning of October 11th, at the second side, there were no more people in sight. Some of them came from other places, and some were hanging up in Guangzhou and came to Shenzhen to participate. It is estimated that everyone is very If I want to develop in Shenzhen, I feel a little bit pressured on the second side. This is what I realized after the interview. The interviewer asks any questions very deeply, very carefully, and talks a lot, so I don t have room for rebuttal. , I feel that the answer is average, and I have no idea after the interview, but I received a short message notification from HR that night. The HR interview was a phone interview, mainly asking questions about family situation, career development, and personal personality. On the third day after the interview, I received an offer from Tencent, and I was assigned to the business group I reported, and I was also assigned to the department I always wanted to go to. Everyone was happy, but the salary was slightly lower than that of Baidu. Of course, these are no longer The key factors to consider are now.


Some good noodles

    I have read a lot of interviews, and some of them are very good and instructive. I recommend them to everyone.

Linux C/C++ background development direction (First Master of Huake):

Java distributed background development direction (a buddy from Peking University):

Android mobile terminal opening direction (Hua Ke one buddy):

Comprehensive R&D (First Master of Beihang University):

Algorithm learning road (same as above):


Some insights

    From the beginning of the intern recruitment in March, up to now, I have stumbled all the way, and finally got a point. I will summarize some of the insights I have personally experienced.

    1. The foundation is very important. I believe everyone has a deep understanding of this.

    2. The project should be in-depth. You can't just do a project, and this person who has participated in the interview should know it.

    3. The mentality is very important and important. Like the college entrance examination, the interview is not well-centered, which will greatly affect the performance on the spot.

    4. Details determine success or failure. From basics to projects, this will be reflected.

    5. Keep blogging. Although only one interviewer has read my blog until the interview, blogging is really profitable and harmless.

    6. Pay attention to fate in everything. Sometimes, some things really depend on fate, so relax your mind and don't deliberately magnify some pain.

    7. There will always be gains when you pay. The key is whether you persist long enough. I met some friends who have put in a lot of hard work. Although they stumbled all the way, they all got better results in the end.


    In the end, I hope this blog post can give some hope to those who are like me.